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Consciousness vs Intelligence

With Innovation becoming a must in order to stay market competent, a lot of options have become available for Businesses to buy, build or rent Intelligence. In order to be future ready, Businesses are willing to invest and try new capabilities.

But is this making them win? How do we attribute Business success or failure to an experiment? These experiments don't even go the full cycle of Industrialization. There is a fundamental of Innovation that Businesses are missing in the urgency to stay competent.

In the cause-effect repertoire of a system, while Intelligence is the capability to respond, Consciousness is the mechanism to ensure standardization of response. The limits of Consciousness apply to the maximization of Intelligence. High order Intelligence with poor Consciousness yields sub par and disappointing results.


Lack of systemic Consciousness poses threats to maximization of the Intelligence at every point within the system, as all parts of the system do not strive towards a common goal. This is the biggest day to day struggle of Innovation and Capability Generation within Businesses.

Consciousness vs Intelligence
Consciousness vs Intelligence

Networth Corp has been built with a vision to empower Businesses by ensuring that Intelligence delivers to its true potential. This entails mathematically defining and periodically quantifying both Intelligence (Degree of bias free Solution Assembly) and Consciousness (Degree of Information Integration) at every point within a system.

Innovation for us is not just limited to creation of Intelligent Capabilities, but also enhancement of Information Integration for systemic consciousness. This is the fundamental for driving True-Value maximization and business success through Innovation.

How we do this


Scientifically, there are 5 characteristics of an Integrated Information System, which leads to systemic consciousness in behaviour. Enhancing systemic consciousness within a sub-system of an Business needs enablement of these characteristics.

We redesign sub-systems within Businesses to maximize the degree of Information Integration, which drives systemic consciousness, in turn, improving their ability to sustainably consume Intelligence Solutions for incremental True-Value generation.


In order to lend speed and sustainability to outcome achievement, Businesses need Relevant-in-time Innovation and Augmented Intelligence that drives gradual shift in capabilities of their sub-systems.

We deploy Made-to-fit-and-scale solutions with end-to-end assembly lines of Industrialization, including inherent maintenance mechanisms and consumer-tested design. Our solutions are designed to reduce the time-to-alignment between creators and consumers, enabling high degree of Organizational Agility, and minimizing the need for change management.


Value generation needs to be sustainable and incremental over time. For large scale solutions involving high stakes, True-Value assessment is a must for Business viability. Our propreitary equations for True-Value quantification enable us to help Businesses clearly attribute success or failure of Business and Culture to a solution capability.

We quantify both Tangible and Intangible True-Value generated through solutions. We believe if you can't quantify it, then it does not exist.

What we do

Innovation for enhanced Consciousness and Intelligence is a 4 step cycle which we orchestrate seamlessly through our propreitary solutions and Value Design principles.





Who we are


Shikha Shandilya

Cofounder, CEO

In the journey of reaching her previous role of Org Leadership in an Analytics Giant, Shikha has worked across the Globe with Banking, Insurance, Energy, Utility, Manufacturing, Retail and Telco industries. She has helped Business Leaders across the world in embarking on and continuing their Transformation and Digitalization journeys. Through her entire experience of capability building, consulting and execution for 30+ Fortune 500 Organizations, she has built a nuanced understanding of underlying principles for both failure and success of a data fueled vision. This makes her the person who designs for customer success and navigates risks every step of the way while keeping an eye fixed on the prize.

She is the soul of the Company. Her benchmarks make us sweat, and her nods don't come easy. Everyone says she has strong instincts. She says instincts are nothing but a consciously trained mental model with lesser biases and a better hit rate. We tend to agree.

Nitish Vishwanath


Coming from a similar background where Nitish was heading Fulfillment for 20+ Fortune 500s across the US and Europe in Retail, eCommerce, Manufacturing and Insurance, his customer empathy is so high that he is almost always on the customer's team. He takes pride in solutions and is always dreaming of ways to improve the end product.

He is the ride or die. When Shikha shared her vision, Nitish knew he believed in it. He is the heart of the Company. A difficult task master and an introvert in the 1st meeting, he loves to keep his head down and work. Takes his time to weigh an idea before voicing it. But when he does, there is no stopping him.

Manoeuvre is more science than art. There is never a point A to point B that can't be traversed. Given the right means of traversal and the right size of incentive, it is a matter of time alone. - Shikha

Finding answers is a skill. Google it. - Nitish

Tiger Ramesh (Advisor)

Led CSS Corp as CEO and advised Boards and CEOs of multiple Tech Companies and start ups. Built Quintant Services to gradually be acquired by iGate Global Solutions. Held Org building and deal making roles in companies like iGate Global Solutions, Nortel Networks and Bangalore Labs.

Delivered business transformation and strategic value to Fortune 500 Organizations through outcome based engagements. Over 30 years of work experience in providing integrated Technology and Operations solutions through a global delivery model, particularly in Telecom, Retail and Consumer Products Industries.

Avid wildlife photographer and amateur drone pilot, who always cuts to the chase in any conversation. Bottomline is the only way to get to him.

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